Campaign Objectives

  • To drive uplift Christmas food orders and seasonal grocery sales for Booths supermarkets.
  • Promote Booths’ new Christmas range of products through Product Sampling.
  • Attract customers from Christmas markets and affluent retail areas within Booths’ core catchment areas.

The Solution

Getting Around – Creating a portable sampling stand:
  • Due to the campaign running across 17 event dates, it is important to be able to easily move the sampling stand. The solution? a sampling tricycle that can easily be moved between, and easily positioned at, the variety of events and venues of the campaigns.
  • Design and branding. A stand-out red and gold design for the tricycles that catches the eye while also exuding an air of sophistication to attract the target audience of the campaign.
  Finding the Right Location:
  • The campaign has two key objectives; to drive uplift in Christmas food orders, and to promote Booths range of Christmas products. Locations need to be chosen strategically to meet both of these objectives.
  • Christmas Markets in locations close to Booths supermarkets such as Manchester and Ambleside are perfect for highlighting Booths’ range of Christmas products to a wide audience who are not the usual customers for Booths supermarkets.
  • Affluent retail areas such as Media City, Manchester are filled with the types of customers who are likely to become repeat customers of Booths, but may have never experienced their products before.
  • It is key to target both of these types of areas.
  Embracing Technology
  • Customers interested in seeing the Booths Christmas Booklet can scan a QR code to download it. The benefits of this are twofold. First of all customers are more likely to engage with the booklet due to deliberately opting in to viewing it without having to carry a physical piece of paper around, and second, customers give their details in order to view the booklet, allowing for further targeted advertising in future.
  • Social media hooks: Customers can be rewarded with a full pack of the sampling product in exchange for posting about it on social media with #BoothsChristmas. This allows the sampling activity to reach a much wider audience of the target demographic.

The Results

Getting Around – Creating a portable sampling stand:
  • Two teams of brand ambassadors successfully toured simultaneously across the 17 sites on the sampling tricycles.
  • Across the activity 45,000 samples were given out successfully along with Booths booklets.
  Embracing Technology
  • Customers were happy to participate with posting to social media in exchange for a full pack of samples.
  • The most popular platform customers posted to was Instagram, followed by twitter.
  • When it came to the QR code customers proved more than willing to scan the code and provide their information in return for the e-booklet.

Massive audience outreach!

Over the 17 days of the activity over 45,000 Sample/booklet combo’s were given out!

The social media campaign was massively popular, further spreading Booths brand outreach across Instagram and Twitter

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