Campaign Objectives

  • To drive Christmas grocery sales in Booths supermarkets.
  • Present customers with the Booths Festive Food catalogues along with samples.
  • Advertise Booths new grocery delivery service.

The Solution

Peak Mobility – Sampling without a stand:
  • Allow the “sampling stand” to freely move about the event. Equipping the brand ambassadors with hawker bags filled with samples allows them to approach customers themselves to give out samples, rather than wait for customers to come to them.
  • Design and branding. A stylish black, gold and purple colour scheme to remain festive while also exuding the sophistication of the Booths brand.
  Know your audience – Finding the Right Location:
  • The objectives of the campaign are to get customers to increase their/ start shopping at Booths, rather than inform new customers of Booths existence.
  • Because of this the key marketing locations are events such as the Manchester Christmas market, an area with a Booths nearby for relevance and brand recognition, as well as an event attended by people within Booths target audience.
  • The Christmas markets are also suitably festive events, complimenting the campaign goals of increasing Christmas shopping.
  Seasonal Sampling:
  • In order to attract customers towards the Booths festive food and delivery service, customers need to know what the food is and be told about the service. A copy of the festive food catalogue being handed out along with samples of the food is an attractive way to get a copy of the catalogue into customers hands.
  • The mobile nature of the sampling additionally allows the brand ambassadors to be more personable while handing out the samples, giving them the opportunity to engage in conversation with customers informing them of Booths services such as their delivery service.

The Results

Peak Mobility – Sampling without a stand:
  • The team were eager to use their mobility to approach and engage with customers to give them samples and encourage Christmas and new years orders within their local store.
  Know your audience – Finding the Right Location:
  • Many customers were very receptive to the brand as they were already familiar with it and the products available due to the presence of a Booths store in close proximity.
  • Customers were also thrilled to hear news of the delivery service being offered, and were keen to find out more about availability and cost.
  Seasonal Sampling:
  • Customers were highly receptive to the products being offered to sample, and were more than happy to take a Booths catalogue in return for one. Over the activity around 4,300 samples were given out.

Sampling Success!

Over the 6 days of the activity 4,300 samples were given out with Festive Food catalogues.

More impressively, 4,750 Festive Food catalogues were given out in total. More people were interested in the catalogue than the sample!

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