• Create immediate and sustained retails sales growth for Bertinet Bakery in Waitrose.
  • Engage shoppers and convert retail purchases.
  • distribute taste samples to customers to create immediate sales throughout the day.


The Equipment – Maximising Brand Visibility
  • A fully branded sampling cart was created to ensure bold impact for all locations, being made out of wood to match the look and feel of a traditional bakery, with a large Bertinet logo on the roof to be seen far and wide.
  • A Portable FSDU was created for in-store display with a large backboard displaying the Bertinet Bakery logo and campaign slogan.
  • The sampling team wore matching, branded t-shirts, coats and aprons all matching Bertinet’s colours of white and navy blue, spreading the brand name and logo wherever they went and allowing for comfortable sampling in all weathers.
The Location
  • The team sampled at Waitrose stores across Bristol and London.
  • The stores were chosen for maximum reach in the target area, allowing the team to sample at 4 different stores a week
  • Sampling directly outside Waitrose, where many of the stores are on highstreets, allowed the team to also sample to non-Waitrose customers walking past. Increasing sampling output and brand outreach,
The Offer
  • Customers received samples of Bertinet’s Malted, Seeded, and White Sourdough.
  • If customers made a purchase of those products in store, they received a whole loaf for free from the sampling stand.


Customer Feedback
  • The overall feedback was very positive with most customers saying they enjoyed the taste.
  • Many Waitrose staff were converted through the sampling, saying they had seen the bread in store but never tried it until the sample.
  • Parents with young children enjoyed that they could make sure their kids liked the bread before buying it.
Sales and samples
  • The team engaged with over 22,850 shoppers and gave out 19,450 samples. An 85% acceptance rate!
  • An average of 8% of customers who tried a sample made a purchase in store. The Target was 3-5%
  • An average of 54 units were sold per day from an average of 694 samples.

Because of the results of this campaign, Bertinet doubled it’s intended duration, and booked another campaign following this one.


19,450 Samples given out

85% sample acceptance rate

Peak immediate sales of 118/day!

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