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    My Personal Student Placement Journey to Leeds

Hi! It`s Alessia here

I`m an Erasmus+ student from Italy. I`ve been a student work placement at LINK for three months and I`m writing this hoping to help someone who like me months ago feels lost in the choices and process to get started on an internship.

Firstly if you are considering joining LINK for your internship, I would say that they have treated me really well! 😊 Everyone has been incredibly kind, welcoming and ready to teach me new tasks. (This is not so easy since I`m kind of thick headed sometimes!).

To be honest, I came here knowing nothing about the work or even the UK, but I`m leaving with a lot of new business skills and marketing knowledge thanks to them. So if you want to really learn something useful and come away with valuable professional skills (and not be used as a slave working long days on boring tasks with no appreciation), LINK is the place for you!

Link Communication Office Pudsey Placements Work Marketing Experience Safe Sampling

What’s a normal day like?

A normal full day starts at 9am with a cup of coffee and a chat about the day’s priorities. This might start with some marketing on LinkedIn: answering messages, sending follow up messages or making new connections. The industry is always updating itself aswell, so conducting research on new products or new clients and organising them into specific folders take focus aswell… Seems complicated but don`t worry your colleagues will help you!

After your lunch break, (taken whenever you want), let`s go head with supporting the Campaign Management team with some logistics and planning for their live marketing campaigns that LINK is running. This includes researching suitable locations for a sampling roadshow, creating site maps for the teams to follow or helping to get their experiential event equipment ready.

Then you might get to create some interesting content to share via email or LinkedIn! The website it always being updated, so publishing new posts if realy interesting to work on too. The lasts hours of the day might be spent creating a website update such as create a new insight article blog post, a new case study – or a webpage just like this one! There’s lots of scope to get creative, making your work visually appealing – such as crafting the design of a new marketing emails that will be scheduled to go out in the morning.

At 17.00pm you are off, go home, relax, maybe have some fun in the city and get some sleep so you are ready to ready to start again!

During my placement (during the Covid pandemic in Sept, Oct & Nov 2020) I still got the chance to work on a real experiential marketing and sampling campaign for ice tea drink Maytea.

MayTea, wanted to utilise LINK’s new Covid Safe Sampling Equipment to  build its retail sales growth across Morrison’s supermarkets. Their existing compact sampling carts and uniforms were upgraded and used for sip sampling and retail sales activation in different supermarkets. LINK sent me to different cities to join the work, paying for my transport – and paired me up with experienced event staff to learn what to do. It was great fun!

It was also really interesting and valuable to learn about marketing for a business too. I was taught what it takes for a marketing company to create an effective brand sampling campaign, especially during Covid-19! Starting from the research of new products, to identify the relevant company contacts, to creating the marketing communications – and then supporting right through to the actual retail sampling activity!

Lots of valuable commercial business skills learned, that you just can’t be taught at college or university!

Leeds Erasmus Student Guide Link Communication Office Pudsey Placements Work Marketing Experience Safe Sampling

Living in Leeds

Leeds the third largest city in the UK – located in beautiful county of Yorkshire, England. It blends British tradition and history in a bustling metropolitan setting. A hub for art, culture and history, Leeds is also home to FOUR universities, a flourishing business district, and the second busiest train station outside London!

If you are wondering to do your internship at LINK, let me give you some insider tips that I have learnt from my time here!

Leeds Erasmus Student Guide Link Communication Office Pudsey Placements Work Marketing Experience Safe Sampling

How to find accommodation: LINK’s head office is based in west Leeds, in an area called Pudsey. It’s five miles from Leeds city centre and also five miles from nearby Bradford. I would personally recommend to search for a place in Leeds as it is a larger and more dynamic and modern city than Bradford. As it is also home to a few universities, extracurricular activities are not lacking here (so many great shops / bars / clubs / pubs!).

An easy and fast way to find an accommodation in Leeds is to look up at Facebook`s pages like “Leeds accommodations” or “ Leeds-Student Housing Assistance”, here you can find a HUGE amount of posts from people renting rooms or flats. Otherwise you can look for ‘property rental agencies’ and reach them out to ask about available options nearby. Also you can check this useful website where privates and agencies publish ads of rents.

Fun things to do in the area: Leeds is a city for everyone and everything! There is a wide variety of activites for everyone, from nature lovers to the most fashionable. The centre of Leeds is a tangle of bars, pubs, night clubs, restaurants and shops. Lots of free museums, art galleries, beautiful parks and monuments.

A TYPICAL DAY OFF should always start with a real British Breakfast Brunch! It’s called a ‘Full English’, usually made with eggs, tomatoes, beans, bacon, sausages and toast.

Leeds Erasmus Student Guide Link Communication Office Pudsey Placements Work Marketing Experience Safe Sampling

If you enjoy museums, next you can visit the Leeds Art Gallery. Not only is it free, but the selection of art on offer is really varied and regularly rotated. From here, head to the Leeds Corn Exchange and the Victoria Quarter for some top-quality independent shops where you can find everything, and if you don`t, next to it there`s the Trinity Leeds Centre with even more shops.

After that why not taking a break in the beautiful Hyde Park in the university zone and chill on the grass chatting with newly found friends? If you get hungry don`t worry nearby you can find a lot of independent authentic restaurants.

To end the day I love going to Belgrave Music Hall, one of my favourite pubs in Leeds. Great food, live music, funky tunes and great atmosphere. Would highly recommend, have fun and enjoy your time off!

Tips and advice!

– Getting around the city of Leeds is very simple, there is a large train station for fast inter city travel, a bus station in Leeds, with national coach service from National Express, as well as regular local bus services right across the region. Keep in mind that the city centre of Leeds is very pedestrian friendly, with many attractions within easy walking distance.

– Leeds is well known for the variety and mix of styles and cultures. Some place I`d recommend are its vintage and couture shops like Blue Rinse for a detailed insight into the UK’s fashion’s past and Independent bars such as North Bar, Sela and The Reliance are all perfect for an alternative evening out; tasty food, comfy seats, local art on the walls and a killer selection of board games!

Leeds is wonderful I know, but if you get the chance try to travel a bit outdoor. Near here you can find some really attractive city such as Manchester, Sheffield and York. Or if you love trekking, you have plenty of choice since we are surrounded by Yorkshire Dales National Park, Peak District Park, North York Moors Park…. The choice is up to you! Plus London is only two hours on the train too; so easy for a cheeky weekend!

Get in touch to find out more about it!

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