Morrisons has a fantastic array of both massive sized supermarkets and city centre supermarkets, both of which are ideal for supermarket product sampling, experiential marketing and retail sales activation. There are two main types of sampling methods available for brands which are stocked at Morrisons:

Experiential Supermarket Sampling

We can create a pop up experiential marketing experience to present your brand, sampling your stocked range and create huge volume sales growth across Morrisons’ largest format, flagship sized supermarkets. With the permission of your grocery buyer, we can secure the busy event area in front of stores, liaise with the store managers and execute experiential marketing event days to engage Morrisons’ shoppers and drive product sales of your stocked range.

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High Street Store Sampling

Many of Morrisons’ stores are located in busy city centre high street locations and also in busy suburban retail areas. These types of locations enable us to create a compact pop up sampling experience in front of the main entrances of their stores, to engage thousands of shoppers on arrival. With expert guidance, we will select the most relevant stores, which will deliver the highest yield sales results for your brand – and create a touring supermarket roadshow sampling plan that is right for your brand.


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Morrisons Sampling Campaign Case Studies



MayTea Iced Tea: Safe Sampling at Morrisons Supermarkets

May Tea

Are you looking to grow sales at Morrisons stores?


To discuss a bespoke campaign plan to suit your brand and budget, make contact with the expert team at LINK. The experienced campaign planners will guide you through the options for displays, catering and sales activation.

You’ll then receive a fully itemised costed proposal, scalable in size to suit your budget. The costs will typically include everything needed except the sampling stock. All aspects of design, production, store liaison, event staffing, logistics, catering consumables, print and expert reporting will be included to the usual LINK high standard.

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