• Lockdown Lift Off Dates For Safe Sampling – Location Guide

With kids back at school and the Government’s lockdown release schedule in place, check this new guide of where you can officially activate your brand, to safely re-engage customers again!

Explore options for your brand, split between: 8th March > 29th March > 12th April > 17th May > 21st June 2021…

8th March:

Bells of Lazonby, safe sampling Bells & Whistles vegan cakes, near to suburban high street Sainsbury’s.

29th March:

Fulfil safe sampling van and team touring the UK’s busy suburban area parks and retail areas.

12th April:

Safe sip sampling of Pampelle Aperitif close to high street Waitrose & Partners stockists for Mangrove Global Ltd.

17th May:

Trade sampling French’s Mustard to food service for expert retail strategy agency Jellybean and their client at McCormick & Company.

21st June:

Consumer & trade show sampling for tasty Typhoo Tea Ltd

So many exciting brand activation options opening back up 2021!

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S.A.F.E. Sampling

Safe SamplingTo make it completely safe, sampling campaigns will initially include the following safety measures:

  • S – Screens fitted to the cart and worn by sampling staff to create physical Covid barriers
  • A – Areas for staff to stand behind the cart, ensuring adequate distancing at all times
  • F – Contactless food handing using single  use sip cups, presented through a serving hatch
  • E – Effective impact, with over 70% sample acceptance and record retail sales each day!

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Product sampling is the most effective way of getting your products into the hands, minds, mouths – and shopping baskets of your consumers. This type of experiential marketing at supermarkets fast tracks the consumer through initial awareness, trial, evaluation and purchase – so is arguably the most powerful form of marketing available for any fast moving consumer good (FMGC) brand. Product sampling has evolved. Experiential product sampling at supermarkets, convenience retailers, high streets, train stations and events means that your brand is no longer restricted to ‘Mable with a table’ style supermarket sampling as has been so poorly implemented at many chains of supermarket.

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The Most Effective Product Sampling Locations

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