In-store Demo for Epson

In-Store Demos to Boost Your Xmas Sales

Use In-Store Demos to Boost Your Xmas Sales!

Enthusiastic sales professionals to activate your brand, in any retailer.

In-store demo at Gardena
In-store Demo At Halfords for ICE
In-store Demo for Karcher
In-store demo for Homedics

Benefit from massive purchasing on shopping peak days before Xmas!

Perfect for all types of electronic goods, tools, toys & gadgets.

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In-store Demo for WorX
In-store demo for Wagner
In-store Demo for Dettol

30 Seconds to Learn How it Works!

In-store demo for Slime

Location Selection:

You help decide which retailers are important: department stores, supermarkets, electrical retailers, D.I.Y sheds, garden centre, etc.

Expert Management:

All aspects of staff selection, team training, kit production, retailer coordination, and purchase incentives are explored with you.

In-store demo for Wagner
In-store Demo for Karcher

Activate Your Retail Sales:

The carefully trained and managed teams create mass scale retail salesuplifts for your brand, using product demonstrations that convertimmediate purchases.

Partner With the Experts:

Link are the established leaders: Repeat Award Winners of ‘The Most Effective Retail Sales Experience’ 2018 + 19 + 20 + 21
+ 22 Finalist (Winner TBA Nov 22)

Link are 4 year award winners of "The Most Effective Brand Experience" award from the FMBE
In-store Demo for Dettol

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Explore more details and effective samples!

How the process of In-store Demos work
How experential demonstrations work

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Link Communication
Link are 4 year award winners of "The Most Effective Brand Experience" award from the FMBE

    Your Details


    Or if you have two minutes, give us some extra details

    Campaign mission

    Please rank the below campaign goals in order 1 to 5









    Activity Location Options

    Which types of locations are of most potential interest

    Key Retailers: Major Supermarkets / Convenience Retailers / Discount Retailers
    High Footfall Locations: Eg: High streets / Train Stations / Suburban High Streets
    Targeted Consumer Events: Eg: Food Festivals / Athletic Events / Niche Events
    Exhibitions & Trade Shows: Eg: Lunch! / National Convenience Show / Grocery Aid
    Somewhere else? Eg: Head Offices / National Landmarks / Media Houses / etc

    Key Stockists

    Please list the most important stockists to drive sales uplifts to

    Supermarkets: Asda / Morrisons / Tesco / Sainsburys / Tesco / Waitrose / other
    Convenience & Discount Retailers: Co-op / Iceland / Discount Retailers / Independent



    Fan Oven
    Warming Cupboard
    Commercial Microwave
    Commercial Air Fryer
    Convection Oven
    Pizza Oven
    Deep Fat Fryer
    Bain Marie
    Water Boiler


    Which types of job roles do you expect will be required from LINK?

    Promotional Staff – roaming sampling, consumer interaction
    Catering Chef – takes the lead on food preparation and efficient catering
    Catering Support – sample prep support cleaning, stock replenishment runs, etc
    Social Media Staff – encourages participation and sharing on social media
    Game Play Staff – organising interactions and rewarding participation



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