How not to fail with product launches

If you are planning the launch of a new FMCG product this must be a challenging and exciting time for you and your colleagues. Undoubtably you will all be busy trying to ensure that your product has the best chance of a successful future. However, as we all know the vast majority of new products fall by the wayside as they fail to capture the hearts, minds or share of consumer spend.

The truth is that despite all of the time, money and effort spent on new product development and marketing support most new products fail to remain on shelf past their first anniversary. They fail because they are unable to cut through, stand out and convince consumers. All too often these failing products have little or no support to make the all important leap from supermarket shelf to the shopping basket.

Those products that have a healthy marketing budget tend to be focused on achieving consumer reach through broadcast media. Whilst historically this has been a fruitful path to success, can we really expect consumers to be moved to action by yet another advertisement. FMCG product failure rates would suggest brands need to widen their thinking and activity if they want to survive and thrive.

So what alternatives are available to brands wanting to beat the odds and buck the trend?

Supermarket Sampling – The must-have activity for a successful product launch

Imagine for a moment you were able to engage shoppers right at the entrance to your products retail point of purchase. And consider the impact of providing those shoppers with a risk free sample of your product so they could try for themselves. Now think about how powerful it would be if you were able to share your brand story and product information through a team of brand ambassadors.

You would literally be sending shoppers into their chosen store with your brand and product front of mind. You would have provided a real world experience of your product that would be engaging and memorable as those consumers are making active decisions about which product to purchase.

So instead of spending your hard pressed budget on media activity consider this instead:

Brand building activity

An attention grabbing, fully branded, pop-up stand specifically designed to engage all shoppers as they enter, leave or pass by the store.

Fully equipped and ready to serve

Hot, cold or ambient a wide range of equipment to ensure the delivery of the perfect product sampling experience

Professional, polite and passionate people

Brand Ambassadors to engage shoppers with product samples, share the brand narrative, provenance and product details.

Reward shoppers for buying

Promotional campaign designed to encourage immediate and future pack purchase.

Extend reach and engagement

Social media amplification through shopper generated content to widen campaign reach.

Still not convinced?

The Rustlers campaign we have outlined above is a prime example of what can be achieved with supermarket sampling. A nationwide roadshow that delivered millions of brand engagements, encouraged over 100,000 product trials and delivered a whopping 10,400% uplift in sales. The campaign was also awarded gold for “The Most Effective Retail Sales Campaign” from Field Marketing & Brand Experience Magazine 2018.

You can find out more about the campaign here

So in summary if you want to stand out, cut through and create long term success for your brand you need to think, act and behave differently. Do not rely on communications to persuade shoppers help them to decide for themselves by providing real, memorable and meaningful experiences. After all who does not want to try before they buy?

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