Each city centre and suburban retail area has a range of effective location options for using product sampling to engage shoppers and convert purchases for your brand. The tens of thousands of people who pass by and shop at high-street convenience stores make them ideal locations for your product sampling campaigns.

VFC High Street Sampling outside of Downing Street

A great advantage for brands

Street campaign stands have become an essential tool for companies wishing to promote their brand. These stands can reach a broad audience by capturing the attention of passers-by with attractive visuals and hard-hitting messages. They can be trikes, carts, bins, or promotional vehicles, all fully customised to suit your brand and product.

Sparkling Ice Camden High Street Sampling

Stands that are close to everyone

Thanks to their strategic locations, whether it’s in a city plaza, near busy transport routes, or in proximity to a supermarket, these stands can be seen by a large number of people, helping to raise brand awareness. Moreover, they offer the opportunity to interact directly with the public, whether by distributing free samples, organising events or running competitions. This proximity to consumers helps to arouse their interest and encourage them to discover the company’s products or services.

VFC - Veganuary High Street Sampling

Top 5 Busiest UK High Streets

  • Princes Street, Edinburgh
  • Oxford Street, London
  • Picadilly Circus, London
  • Market Street, Manchester
  • Buchanan Street, Glasgow

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