Great experiential engages SIX senses: touch, taste, scent, sight, sound, plus emotion too! It’s a psychologically proven fact that the more sensory clues you can stimulate in your engagement, the longer-lasting and stronger impact your activity will have.

Plan beyond a basic sampling table and think of a creatively styled ‘brand experience’ that immediately communicates your core brand position in an attractive, memorable way. Whether you are exhibiting at a trade show, a supermarket, a high street or anywhere else, your event area needs to have the WOW factor to cut through the noise and make your audiences want to find out more.

Promotional Vehicles
Sampling Trikes
Gazebos & Shacks
Sampling Bins
Sampling Carts
Experiential Games

Promotional Vehicles

We love creating eye catching promotional vehicles for brands! Design, sourcing, conversions, graphics, storage, insurance, drivers, tour planning and all other aspects of promotional vehicles – is part of our core expertise and professional passions. Options are available for outright ownership or short term rental, as suits the nature of your activity and duration of your campaign.

All types of promotional vehicles available: VW Camper vans, vintage Citroen H American Airstreams, exhibition trailers, sampling carts, refrigerated chiller vans, low loading trucks with tail lifts, 4x4s, classic cars, etc. We will help you to refine your selections to create something perfectly aligned for your brand.

Secure parking and long term vehicle storage facility, in a gated compound available in LINK head office in Leeds and also in London.

View our range of Promo Vehicles

Gazebos & Shacks

Event gazebos and shacks are a first-class choice if your campaign needs a budget-friendly, covered and fully brandable semi-permanent event area.

These gazebos and shacks are highly customisable, with options for flooring, back walls, and all manner of equipment and furniture for your campaign needs. They allow you to quickly and easily create comfy seating areas, fully equipped kitchens, dedicated games spaces or product showrooms wherever your campaign takes you, whether it’s a food festival in a field or a supermarket car park.

View our range of Gazebos & Shacks

Hot catering cart - Waitrose Supermarket Sampling

Sampling Carts

LINK Sampling Carts provide a versatile, cost-effective and customisable way to present your brand identity and product samples.
These sampling carts can be fitted for catering with hot plates, hobs, grills, BBQs, fridges, freezers or ambient displays.
Designed for outdoor and indoor use on high streets, stations, supermarkets, expos, and events, these fully consumable sampling carts are a great, cost-effective sampling solution, no matter your venue.

Take a look at our sampling carts

Mallow & Marsh Ambient Sampling Trike sampling

Sampling Trikes

Sampling Trikes are cost-effective, convenient, and effective versatile mobile marketing stands that allow you to engage your customers at target locations, whether a high street, supermarket, festival, or convenience retailer.

The key strengths of Sampling Trikes lie in their adaptability. These trikes can be equipped with a wide range of load-outs to cater to any situation. Whether you need grills and ovens for hot food, fridges and ice boxes for cold beverages, or interactive games and TV screens for informational campaigns, these trikes can be tailored to your specific needs while keeping your campaign cost-effective, compact, and mobile.

View our options for Sampling Trikes

Fix8 at Morrisons Supermarket with their Compact Sampling Bin

Sampling Bins

Compact bins and carts provide a low-cost, portable, and practical way to present your promotional samples in busy, urban areas such as train stations, high streets, inside and outside supermarkets, and convenience retailers.

We offer a range of carts and bins for all kinds of products, from cheap and cheerful basic round bins to insulated bins and catering carts specially designed for keeping your products cool or cooking them on the go!

These sampling bins and carts are fully brandable with full-body graphics, custom-printed overhead parasols, flip-top table counters and even custom shapes for maximum brand impact.

Take a look at our Sampling Bins

Fulfils Speed Reaction Experiential Game at NISA

Experiential Games

Everyone loves a good game!
Adding a fun experiential game to your marketing stand is an easy, cost-effective way to draw in customers, break the ice when trying to sell to them, get more of your product into more customers’ hands, and help open up options for easy user-generated social media content

We have a wide selection of experiential games you can easily add to or base your stand around. These include Buzz Wire games, Target Throwing games, Speed reaction games, Penalty Shootouts and more!

Take a look at our Experiential Games

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