Quorn fully electric food truck sampling van

Promotional Vehicles

We love creating promotional vehicles! Especially eco-friendly electric ones! Design, sourcing, conversions, graphics, storage, insurance, drivers, tour planning and all other aspects of promotional vehicles – is part of our core expertise and professional passions. Options are available for outright ownership or short term rental, as suits the nature of your activity and duration of your campaign.

All types of promotional vehicles available: VW Camper vans, vintage Citroen H American Airstreams, exhibition trailers, sampling carts, refrigerated chiller vans, low loading trucks with tail lifts, 4x4s, classic cars, etc. We will help you to refine your selections to create something perfectly aligned for your brand. Fully electric, emission free promotional vehicles are also a speciality – please ask for options in converting electric vans and electric cars for your promotional activities.

Secure parking and long term vehicle storage facility, in a gated compound available in LINK head office in Leeds and also in London.

Take a tour around our fully electric catering van for sampling brand experience

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Sampling Carts & Trikes

Sampling carts or trikes enable you to present your product samples in front of your target location or within the entrance foyer of many retailers. We will help you design a branded sampling cart that reflects your brand values, fitted out with graphics, messaging – and all of the catering equipment required to prepare and present perfect tasters of your produce!

Options available for ambient, chilled, frozen and hot – anything is possible. The carts are designed and built in house, created to be robust enough to last the duration of your campaign and well beyond.

Once your campaign is complete, you can then re-use or retain your cart, for more sampling activity, as a trade show centre piece or targeted retailer event days.

Product sampling branded gazebo with Princes Fish, shopper marketing, shopper agency, experiential marketing, retail marketing agency, active campaign

Branded Gazebo Tents & Shacks

For an affordable option that looks great, branded gazebos are versatile, quick to set up and ideally suited for sampling across a wide range of locations. We provide fully branded gazebos, made with commercial grade metal, designed for daily usage, in all (almost) types of British weather!

We can help you to design the graphics for the roof, valance, back walls, sides – alongside all of the associated equipment like leg weights, front facing table counters, catering equipment and all other aspects you need to make your brand look great.

Experiential design, build & production, shopper marketing, shopper agency, experiential sampling, retail marketing agency, active campaign

Experiential Design, Build & Production

Great experiential engages SIX senses: touch, taste, scent, sight, sound, plus emotion too! It’s a psychologically proven fact that the more sensory clues you can stimulate in your engagement, the longer lasting and stronger impact your activity will have.

Plan beyond a basic sampling table – and think of a creatively styled ‘brand experience’ that immediately communicates your core brand position in an attractive, memorable way. If you are exhibiting at a trade show, a supermarket, a high street or  anywhere else, you need your event area to have the WOW factor to cut through the noise and make your audiences want to find out more.

Experiential Marketing product demonstration exhibition stand design, build and production with Tayto, shopper marketing, shopper agency, experiential sampling, retail marketing agency, active campaign

Effective Exhibition Stand Design and Production

There are often hundreds of stylish exhibition stands at every trade show, so how can you use creative experiential design to create memorable stand out impact at your events? How can your exhibition stand help you to attract people over, capture their data, convert sales – and provide a memorable interaction that helps you and your brand to stand out amongst everyone else.

Effective exhibition stand designs don’t have to be expensive. Our practical solutions are designed to provide you with a cost effective solution that will delight your colleagues and deliver the results that you need at each trade show you attend.

Product Sampling at Asda Supermarkets with Feasters, shopper marketing, shopper agency, experiential sampling, retail marketing agency, active campaign

Printed Materials

Leaflets, vouchers, point of sale signage, branded uniforms, selfie-frames, banners, menus, A-boards, pop up signs, sail flags, hawker trays, vehicle graphics – and all other types of printed materials are within our daily design and production remit.

Typically, you can either just provide us with the high res art work assets like logos, pack shots and a corporate style guide – and we will design it for you.

Alternatively, if you already have your designers lined up, we can provide you with the art work templates and guidance for you to design it and for us to print it for you.

PR stunts and publicity KFC media tour case study, social media integration with experiential marketing, product sampling for pr and media coverage to journalists

PR Stunts & Publicity

We can help you gain press coverage in your targeted media using experiential marketing outreach activities to journalists. Rather than hope your VIP media contacts will come to your event, we can help you to bring your activity directly to them!

Your roadshow can and often should include a mix of London’s leading media houses, trade journalists and other types of key influencers. We can help you set up your event area in front of their head offices, on the street in front of their buildings, in their foyers or at the events you know they will be attending.

Social media content creation, Experiential Marketing, PR Agency Event Production Support for Social Media and Press Campaign

Social Media Content Creation

Great experiential provides you with rich social media content for you and your brand fans to share. Every day of activity is an ideal platform to post, broadcast and promote what you are doing and where you are taking your brand.

Experiential also provides USER generated content, with newly brand brand fans sharing their selfies and posts to your campaign hashtags, often with a little incentive. This ‘peer to peer’ effect is incredibly powerful, enabling your activity to help you grow your following massively.

Are you planning a promotional campaign?

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Promotional Campaigns Drive Data Capture Opportunities

The ability to capture, analyse and act on information is hugely important part of all marketing activity because it helps brands understand more about their markets, competitors and customers. This data is the fuel that drives the decision making engine within an organisation and helps them get where they need to be. Our promotional activities and staff can provide this data through traditional and digital mechanisms ensuring our clients are always fully informed and ready for any challenge.

  • Contact Information

    The ability to capture up to date contact information with the correct customer permission is no longer a choice for brands operating in the UK. Ensuring compliance of GDPR is now legal requirement that organisations must adhere to or face uncomfortable insight and even punitive measures. Promotional events provide the perfect opportunity to not only engage customers but to capture their data whilst complying with all the new rules and regulations.

  • Customer Opinion

    Gathering feedback from existing and prospective customers is a vital activity for any brand hoping to create long term success. Understanding whether consumers want, like or need products can help shape and inform future strategic, tactical and budgetary decision making. Our promotional marketing staff can help brands pose the questions and capture the answers needed to empower business owners and marketing teams to make the most appropriate decisions.

  • Product Research

    Given the high cost of new product development, increasing levels of competition and the associated investment of bringing them to market, product research is at an all time high in terms of importance. Unprompted insight into consumer preferences and habits as they go about their daily routines is arguably the truest reflection of individual beliefs and attitudes. Promotional marketing activity provides an almost unique methodology to put their finger on the pulse of consumers and glean those all important insights into what drives purchasing behaviour.


Capturing attention, raising awareness and influencing consumer behaviour to convert retail purchases are the cornerstones of our promotional campaigns

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