Experiential Marketing with - Product Sampling, marketing campaign, active campaign, promotion, shopper marketing

You have probably come across the old adage that stipulates “It’s not what you do but the way that you do it, that’s what gets results.” In our extensive experience this is very true, especially when it comes to promotional staff. You see not everyone is cut out to be the face and voice of a brand, meeting and greeting an endless line of complete strangers in a positive, professional and consistent manner

Experiential Marketing with -Summer Sampling, marketing campaign, active campaign, promotion, shopper marketing

It takes a special type of person, quietly confident, tenacious, passionate, with a can-do attitude and an aptitude to learn quickly and communicate effectively. They must have a natural warmth with people, love sharing stories, ideas or information and be prepared to listen as much as they talk. It is fair to say not everyone possess these qualities and skill sets, but when we do they are literally worth their weight in gold.

People Buy People

At LINK we are fully paid up members of the “people buy people” club; in fact you could say it is a founding principle and core tenet of our business. As human beings we are hardwired to be social, we crave and seek out interactions with other people and naturally form relationships that are mutually rewarding. This simple yet universal truth is the pivot point for many of our successful campaigns and empowers all of our people to deliver brand experiences and narratives in a personal, memorable and meaningful way.

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Promotional Staffing Agency

As a promotional staffing agency we have seen all too often the impact of externally managed competitor campaigns that have been under staffed or had the wrong people fulfilling important roles. Time and time again this leads to campaign objectives remaining undelivered due to critical functions being poorly executed or not even considered. We understand and empathise with the budget considerations most marketing teams are juggling with when it comes to experiential campaigns. However, cutting back on the people and skill sets required to produce the outcomes needed is simply a false economy.

Experiential Marketing-Product Sampling, marketing campaign, active campaign, promotion, shopper marketing

Exhibition Staff

Whether it is a B2B or B2C event, exhibiting can be highly effective when it comes to engaging target audiences. An important factor in getting the most out of your events is considering what types of activities you want to include on your event area – and then allocate job roles and personnel to fulfil them. This can differ for each unique event area, but some examples can include:

  • Catering prep – creating perfectly presented tasters to sample
  • Front of house – offering tasters and talking with customers
  • Sales manager – encouraging purchase and taking payments
  • Data capture – acquire the right information/permission
  • Social media – taking those selfies and posting them on line
  • Event manager – ensuring everything runs smoothly

Promotional Brand Ambassadors

The next step up the evolutionary ladder when it comes to staffing those all important events is having your own dedicated Brand Ambassador. Someone with the knowledge, confidence and the right personal attributes to represent and reflect the brand in the best possible light. As a promotional staffing agency we take the time to ensure each of our people is perfectly aligned with the task at hand and the brand requirement. Additionally we ensure the correct training and information are applied and absorbed to ensure optimum confidence and performance. Each of our Brand Ambassadors goes through a rigorous selection process where each client stipulated criteria is examined and applied in detail to ensure the perfect fit.

Our meticulous attention to detail and robust planning often see our teams visiting clients at their manufacturing centres, so we can fully appreciate everything that goes into making their products unique. Experiencing first hand the process, equipment and standards used to create the products provides our Brand Ambassadors with the information, knowledge and confidence to answer questions and deal with objections.

It is not an exaggeration to suggest that each of our hand picked professionals will be indistinguishable from a full time member of staff. Accountability and taking ownership are two facets that we vigorously strive to deliver for each and every client. All of our Brand Ambassadors are fully briefed when it comes to understanding the marketing and commercial objectives that need to be accomplished. Our people are encouraged and rewarded it to deliver key campaign metrics without over stepping their role or responsibilities. Thinking on their feet and adapting to unforeseen circumstances is par for the course and something we seek out and encourage in all of our people

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Promotional Staff and Brand Ambassadors

  • Use professional promotional staff to represent your brand and enthusiastically deliver your messages.
  • Nationwide staff selection of over 10,000 field staff directly employed and retained on our own unique database.
  • Minimise transportation, accommodation and touring costs by utilising high calibre staff local to each area.
  • Select skill sets for sampling, events, demos, sales, catering, hospitaility all with closely managed performance delivery.
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Promotional Staff For Exhibitions, Support Teams And Show Staff

  • Professional event staff available across the UK to maximise your impact at exhibitions, events and shows.
  • Huge range of skills available from direct sales, on site data capture, hospitality, logistical support and models.
  • High calibre candidates with relevant experience, strong work ethic and tonnes of energy / enthusiasm.
  • Competitive rates for great staff, alongside experienced activity planning, live management and event analysis.
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Promotional Mascots and Costumed Character Staffing

  • All aspects of promotional mascot usage and customer interactions provided by experienced specialists.
  • Options provided for creative design, branding, production, travel kit, performance planning and staffing.
  • Management of health and safety, character traits, physical actions, fun engagement, social media interaction.
  • Specialist staffing using enthusiastic, energetic performance artists to bring your mascot to life.

Professional, warm and approachable with a real passion for people. Our promotional staff are handpicked to represent our client's brands.

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