Promotional Campaigns

We Deliver Promotional Campaigns That Drive Product Trial & Purchase

As a promotional marketing agency based in London & Leeds we are ideally situated to serve and support brands the length and breadth of the UK. Our award winning promotional marketing campaigns are specifically created to drive key marketing and commercial metrics and positively impact our clients bottom line. During our twenty year history we have acquired an unrivalled reputation as industry specialists who maximise budgets and deliver a measurable return on investment. Promotional campaigns are like the Swiss army knife of marketing. Multi-faceted and incredible versatile they empower brands to connect with consumers on a real human level through person to person contact. Very few, if any, alternative channels are so effective at determining and influencing how consumers think, feel and ultimately behave.

Leaflet Distribution

  • High impact face to face presentation of leaflets, from well briefed, enthusiastic brand ambassadors.
  • Innovative, targeted audience reach through intelligent use of geographic and demographic area profiling.
  • Information communicated using both hand to hand leafleting and verbal reiteration of key messages.
  • Effectively managed door to door leafleting using closely managed, individually tailored coverage.

Product Demonstration

Many products that are new to market require a certain level of consumer education and information sharing before they can become successful. Helping potential customers understand the role and function of anything new is critical component in building sales and mass market adoption. A product demonstration is a compelling way of creating awareness and interest whilst highlighting all of the key benefits. Our promo staff and brand ambassadors are adept at delivering captivating demonstrations that are interesting and fully explain how each product will fit in and add value to consumers lives.

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PR Stunts

Public Relations is another communication channel that can be supported with a variety of different promotional activities. Whether its new product launches, celebrity endorsements or attention grabbing stunts, creating the unusual and newsworthy is something at which we excel. We provide a full range of promotional marketing services to PR, Creative and digital agencies that help bring their ideas to life in the most compelling manner possible. Guaranteeing flawless execution with perfect project management we have worked with many of agencies to deliver on their vision for clients.

Social Media

Digital engagement is a priority for most brands today and social media is the tool of choice when it comes to engaging audiences in a two way conversation. Promotional marketing activity provides the perfect opportunity to create and publish content the encourages comment, debate and interaction. 

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Promotional Campaigns Provide The Perfect Content Creation Opportunities

Brand Content

Every promotional marketing campaign provides a guilt edged opportunity to produce and publish a range of interesting communications before, during and after every event. These opportunities enable brands to actively promote and encourage attendance, leverage a wider audience and extend the impact of each campaign with updates and follow on activity. Each communication provides a brand engagement opportunity that can be specifically tailored to individual customers, segments or the entire base.

User Generated Content

Encouraging and rewarding people who are engaging with promotional activities is a simple and easy way of growing the reach and impact of every campaign. Tapping into their social networks with content they are creating and sharing about your brand provides a stamp of approval in a fun and memorable way. This type of endorsement is arguably the most powerful of all marketing activities and has the potential to really cut through as consumers share the thoughts and experience with word of mouth via social channels.

Promotional Campaigns Drive Data Capture Opportunities

The ability to capture, analyse and act on information is hugely important part of all marketing activity because it helps brands understand more about their markets, competitors and customers. This data is the fuel that drives the decision making engine within an organisation and helps them get where they need to be. Our promotional activities and staff can provide this data through traditional and digital mechanisms ensuring our clients are always fully informed and ready for any challenge.

  • Contact Information

    The ability to capture up to date contact information with the correct customer permission is no longer a choice for brands operating in the UK. Ensuring compliance of GDPR is now legal requirement that organisations must adhere to or face uncomfortable insight and even punitive measures. Promotional events provide the perfect opportunity to not only engage customers but to capture their data whilst complying with all the new rules and regulations.

  • Customer Opinion

    Gathering feedback from existing and prospective customers is a vital activity for any brand hoping to create long term success. Understanding whether consumers want, like or need products can help shape and inform future strategic, tactical and budgetary decision making. Our promotional marketing staff can help brands pose the questions and capture the answers needed to empower business owners and marketing teams to make the most appropriate decisions.

  • Product Research

    Given the high cost of new product development, increasing levels of competition and the associated investment of bringing them to market, product research is at an all time high in terms of importance. Unprompted insight into consumer preferences and habits as they go about their daily routines is arguably the truest reflection of individual beliefs and attitudes. Promotional marketing activity provides an almost unique methodology to put their finger on the pulse of consumers and glean those all important insights into what drives purchasing behaviour.


Capturing attention, raising awareness and influencing behaviour are the cornerstones of our promotional campaigns

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