Door To Door Residential Product Sampling

Residential door to door product sampling
Your brand can now support communities across the UK who are currently house-bound in self isolation, by using a carefully managed door to door residential sampling service, to safely deliver your product samples and print material directly into houses surrounding your stockists.

Activate Supermarket Sales Growth

In addition to the fantastic Corporate Social Responsibility and PR opportunities, you will also increase your rate of sale in specific chains of supermarkets and convenience retailers too.

Your product samples will be carefully delivered into the letterboxes of houses and apartments, alongside your leaflets which detail your key messages, retailers. social media and an optional voucher – in areas surrounding your priority stockists.

Retailer Specific Sample Distribution

You can pick the focus of which chains of supermarkets to uplift sales into, which stock your products. You can use the targeted door drop sampling service to cover all chains of stores across Greater London and all other major cities right across the UK, including.

  • Tesco Extras / Tesco Superstores / Tesco Metro / Tesco Express

We utilise geodemographic catchment area analysis to deliver samples and leaflets right to the door of the customers most likely to buy your products. By aligning store, catchment area and product availability we are able to deliver highly targeted and effective campaigns.

  • Sainsburys Superstores / Sainsburys Local

Whether you need to engage wealthier or price conscious shoppers we can identify any group within the catchment area of your stockist. Develop a door to door activity schedule and implement the delivery of your samples and leaflets quickly and efficiently.

  • Asda Supercentres / Asda Superstores / Asda Supermarkets

This activity can be highly targeted from a single store all the way to national coverage. This is a perfect solution for brands that have limited distribution but need to stand out from their competitors and improve their rate of sale.

  • Morrisons Superstores

Working with historic sales data we can even determine the most effective dates to run the campaigns. Ensuring that  every pound spent has the absolute best chance of producing a tangible return on investment.

You can provide your retailer-specific store stockists lists - and we will provide you with scalable options for audience reach to suit your investment budget.

Reliable Sample Delivery Logistics

All you need for your residential supermarket sampling campaign to go is have your bulk quantity of palletised sampling stock delivered to our central food-grade warehouse in Leeds. From there, our distribution teams will break it up into regional store specific batches, ready for residential distribution across the UK. 

Our nationwide network of professional team supervisors take their delivery into regional vans across the country. They are then supported by locally based brand ambassadors who undertake the door to door coverage, using pre-planned maps to suit your retailers.

Door to door product sampling to residential housing

Due to the nature of the distribution, we recommend it is used for AMBIENT products. Please see our other product sampling services for frozen or chilled products.

Check out our case study

See how BT used our door to door service

Activity Reporting

As standard, you will receive:

  • Pre-planned mapping to show the coverage for your range of retail stockists
  • Exact dates of the activity, allowing you to plan stock uplifts and measure your sales growth
  • Daily updates, with photos of your sample distribution teams in action, while it is live
  • Weekly reporting to show details of the coverage achieved and photos from each area
  • If you share EPOS sales data with us, we will also provide you with RoS uplift analysis too

Scalable Door To Door Coverage Costings

As a standard service, we recommend covering 5,000 houses surrounding each store. These are typically within a ONE mile radius of each primariy stockist. Your samples and audience reach then scale up in size to suit how many stores you want to cover:

This is a 'Not for Profit' service - during CV19

Scaleable Store ReachSamples & LeafletsStandard CostDiscounted CostMultiple Cost SavingCost Per Household
2 Stores10,000£3,500£3,500-£0£0.35
10 Stores50,000£17,500£16,625-£875£0.33
20 Stores100,000£35,000£31,500-£3,500£0.31
50 Stores250,000£87,500£74,375-£13,125£0.29
100 Stores500,000£175,000£140,000-£35,000£0.28

NB: Please note: this is a ‘not for profit service’.

  • Above costs do not include VAT
  • Leaflets can be added on for a small additional cost. Please ask for an optional add on cost to suit the size, quantity and print specification.
  • Costs vary according to the bulk size and weights of your products (number of van loads required per thousand), so the above scale is an accurate, but average indication. Please get in touch for a product specific cost to suit your brand, retailer and budget.

Why You Can Trust Us With Your Brand?

Link Communication are a specialist product sampling expert, with 23 years of consistent, daily experience in helping brands to grow, using product sampling. This is our specialist skill set, what we have spent years delivering, refining and mastering.

If you are wondering about the ability to deliver your bulky product samples door to door, we have distributed 30 million (heavy) Phonebooks for BT, door to door. During their campaign our coverage was independently cross checked and we were consistently ranked as their highest performing delivery provider with an average score of 98.8% reach and recall rate into randomised properties in the coverage areas (vs their other delivery providers who ranked below 60%).

Link Communication are 2019 and also 2018 Gold Award winners for THE MOST EFFECTIVE RETAIL SALES EXPERIENCE, at the Field Marketing and Brand Experience Awards. To win this award, the campaigns have to deliver verifiable, measurable sales growth on an immediate and sustained basis to a higher standard than any other campaign, from any other marketing initiative.

We can prove what we do works, or we don’t do it.

FAQ’s About Door to Door Supermarket Sampling

What will I need to provide?

Samples, store lists and art-work assets. Literally that’s it. We can do everything else for you!

What’s the booking lead time?

We react quickly. In most cases, we can get your campaign up and running within about two weeks from approval. Then depending on the scale, we can normally complete your coverage within a couple of weeks from commencement.

Can I provide my own leaflets?

Sure, it is flexible to suit. We can either provide you with a low cost print quote, which is normally cheaper than you can provide for yourself. As standard, we print on to an A5 sized eco-friendly recycled art paper with a substantial feel 170 gsm. Alternatively, you can send your print to us.

Who does the leaflet design?

That’s flexible too. You can either provide us with print ready art-work or we can create an effective design to accompany your sample that is in line with your brand guidelines. We do this everyday, so what might take you or your designs weeks to progress may be achieved in a couple of hours with our in house specialists.

Can I add on a measurable voucher?

Yes, while it is not essential, we do encourage vouchers, as they provide a measurable way to see the impact. They are not the only way to measure Rate of Sale increases, but it does help incentivise the purchase from the sample recipients, who may be buying your product for the first time.

We recommend obtaining your voucher barcodes from a national couponing company like Valassis who can provide you with a coupon to use on the flyer which is redeemable at any retailer. Alternatively, if it is retailer specific (eg: just Sainsburys) you can get your Buyer to generate a barcode for you.

What if my product doesn’t fit through a letter box?

We can still help! You have options too:

With a little lead time, we can provide individual serving sachets, in fully printed packs for door to door sampling. We work with a number of specialist food packing services who can take a bulk supply of your products and convert it to a beautiful single serve sachet.

Alternatively, we can leave a single pack outside of the door of each recipient household and post the leaflet through. If it’s packaged in cardboard, we can add on a water-tight transparent bag made from potato starch (plants not plastic) for just a couple of pence per sample.

Can I time my distribution to promotional periods?

Yes, absolutely! If we can just plan in a few weeks for logistics, mapping and staff planning, we can make you samples land through letter boxes, when you products are on promotion in store.