sampling in Waitrose supermarkets with Crosta & Mollica

Convenience Retail Sampling

Support Products & Drive Sales With Convenience Retail Sampling

Each city centre and suburban retail area has a range of effective location options for using product sampling to engage shoppers and convert purchases for your brand. The tens of thousands of people that pass-by and shop at high street convenience stores make them ideal locations for your product sampling campaigns. You can use our 20+ years of experiential marketing experience to craft an effective product sampling campaign at convenience retailers that will create both impact and sales results for your brand.

We are accustomed to working across all retailers and will guide you on the optimised strategy to make your sampling work. There are effective options for sampling at convenience retailers such as Tesco Express and Tesco Metro, Co-op, Sainsburys Local, Boots, WH Smiths, Holland & Barrett, Spar, Londis, Budgens, Planet Organic, Wholefoods, Waitrose – and independent retailers of all shapes and sizes too.

The compact format of both the individual retailers and the busy high streets which they are located on means that smaller format, portable sampling set ups actually attain the greatest results. We will guide you on the most suitable event kit, from a range of sampling trays, tables, sampling carts, branded delivery trikes or sampling vans to suit both your stockist and your budgets.

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Key Convenience Retail Sampling Locations

Fulfil - WHSmiths Train Station Roaming sampling (2)

Outside Store

Plenish - In Store Sampling, Independents (3)

Inside Store

Pierre Fabre Avene Thermal Case Study – Cosmetic Sampling and Sales Activation in Department Stores 004

Department Store

Sparkling Ice at Victoria Station 2nd May 2017 00- low res

Transport Stations


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