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Consumer Event Sampling

Engaging Consumers With Product Sampling at Events They Love.

For every brand, there are a range of perfectly aligned consumer event sampling opportunities. At shows and festivals that offer highly targeted opportunities for product sampling, experiential marketing, direct sales and social media. If you want your brand to engage with thousands of customers each day, in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment, then we can help you achieve stand out impact, meaningful dialogue and measurable results.

Effectively planned product sampling event areas for consumer shows should include a range of elements to attract, engage and add to the experience of the event goers. Promotional product sampling is an essential ingredient within the mix; but there’s more to sampling at shows than just giving your products away for free. With our expert guidance and implementation skills, you will come away from each show with a measurable return for product sampling, direct sales, data capture, market research, social media – or whatever else is aligned to your brand’s commercial objectives and KPI benchmarks.

There are so many types of shows to select from for your product sampling activities, you can tap into our 20+ years’ of experiential marketing experience to guide you through the myriad of options. There are relevant events to suit all budgets: there are widely different site fees between different festivals, different event durations and product sampling regulations that we will guide you through, to optimise your impact and make the most of your consumer events budget.

There’s also the wide range of highly sensitive hygiene and safety considerations to factor in, when product sampling at consumer shows too. After recent, well publicised tragedies such as Pret A Manger’s lack of consistent allergy labelling in their own stores – one might hope that fatalities caused from poor attention to detail would diminish.

Despite your best intentions, it is up to you to ensure you enlist expert support to ensure your brand is not responsible for something equally horrific. When you allow us to plan your product sampling, you can be certain that always have clear allergy signage, separate chopping boards, food storage boxes, catering gloves, serving tongs and individual portioning methods.

We guarantee that your consumer events have all the essential catering items and procedures in place, to ensure that your brand is professionally represented, and products sampled both positively and safely.

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