Give a Good Demo and You’ll Make a Sale

Consumers are keener than ever for new experiences. You can attract, engage and inspire your target consumers with new understanding and familiarity of your products, to drive your sales growth using targeted teams of highly trained, enthusiastic product demonstrators.

Why choose LINK as the agency for your experiential or in store product demonstrations?

As the UK’s Gold Award winner for ‘The UK’s Most Effective Retail Sales Experience’ in both 2022 + 2021 + 2020 + 2019 + 2018, LINK are uniquely well positioned to provide you and your team with the effective strategy, guidance and implementation to ensure that your experiential brand activation actually delivers real retail results.

Our proven track record spans across 23 years within every type of environment, to suit your brand and its core audience. You can use us to access all types of retailers including electronic goods, DIY and tools, motoring and cosmetics. Our campaigns reach all types of events, including consumer shows, trade exhibitions, sports, cultural festivals and lifestyle events of all types.

What can I achieve with outsourced product demonstration teams?

You can quickly expand your network of properly briefed, talented brand ambassadors who are trained on the USPs of your product usage and advanced consultative selling. With these flexible teams of demonstrators, you can co-ordinate campaigns across all types of retail environments, events and location types across the UK. This enables you to create immediate and sustained sales uplifts by capitalising on seasonal trends and industry events.

How will the product demonstrators be trained up to effectively represent my brand?

You can tap into LINKs unique portal of enthusiastic brand ambassadors who are confident, experienced sales professionals. We will guide both you and them through the creation of a ‘brand induction’ session, to bring these teams up to speed on the technical capabilities, language and methods to showcase your range in a way that will activate desire in the hands of consumers.

LINK’s advanced understanding of consumer behaviour and retail psychology runs through every campaign we organise, ensuring your activity attains the greatest possible sales results.

Explore Some Effective Product Demonstration Campaigns

Oleo Cosmetic Product Demonstrations with AR Filter


Crack’d at the Plant-Based World Expo and Food & Drink Expo 2022

Quorn at the Plant Based World Expo 2022

Pierre Fabre Case Study

Gardena Case Study

Bosch – In Store & Retailer Demonstrations

Pogo Plug Case Study – In Store & Retailer Demonstrations

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