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Door To Door Leaflet Distribution

Door to door safe sampling product demonstration Highways Agency Case Study

Door To Door Leaflet Distribution

You can use Link Communication’s fully guaranteed, tailor made door to door print delivery service to ensure your print material is effectively and quickly delivered into all types of properties, in your target areas, timed to suit the needs of your communication.

Your print delivery campaign can go live within a ONE week lead time. We only offer ‘solus’ distribution of print, meaning that it is just your print that goes into the letter box by itself. This means you can have your print delivered quickly, as you don’t have to wait for a number of other leaflets from other organisations to be collated and distributed together.

Customised Door Drop Targeting

You are able to select your door to door coverage area based on flexible targeting criteria to suit your needs.

This bespoke targeting can include:

  • Distances from specific buildings (eg: X miles from a hospital or supermarket)
  • Local authority borough maps (eg: everything in a zone of a specific Council)
  • Demographic audience groups (eg: predominantly elderly or retired)
  • Geographic determinants (eg: distances from a road, train line or route)
  • Postcode regions (eg: all properties within the N1 postcode)
  • Property types (eg: all residential housing and/or commercial)
Door to door Product sampling Experiential Marketing, marketing campaign , promotion, active campaign
Door to door Product sampling Experiential Marketing, marketing campaign , promotion, active campaign

Fully Guaranteed Delivery Service

Our tailor-made coverage service is typically used by organisations that require a higher level guarantee of delivery, using properly managed distribution teams.

Common organisations include:

  • Government Departments
  • NHS / Health Care Foundations & Trusts
  • Local Authorities
  • Dept of Transport
  • Essential Service Providers / utilities
  • Business or organisations with a higher duty of care or legal responsibility

Nationwide Logistical Co-ordination

Over the past 23 years, Link Communication has developed its own directly contracted nationwide teams of professional distribution staff who provide a reliable service across the entire UK.

You can utilise these reliable teams of team leaders and distribution staff to delivery your messages to the exact areas where you need coverage.

Door to door Product sampling Experiential Marketing, marketing campaign , promotion, active campaign
Door to door Product sampling Experiential Marketing, marketing campaign , promotion, active campaign

Our solus coverage includes the ability to reach all types of geography including:

  • High density housing areas (eg: inner city housing areas)
  • Medium density housing (eg: suburban housing areas)
  • Low density housing areas (eg: detached housing with driveways)
  • Rural housing areas (eg: small hamlets and villages)
  • Isolated housing (eg: single dwellings over bridges or farm land)
  • Business areas (eg: offices, shops, community hubs, etc)

Flexible Costing For Guaranteed Solus Distribution

Costs are flexible and scalable to suit your requirements. It takes about 10 hours to cover 1,000 houses properly – so please be very wary of less reliable services offering £30 per thousand! Do the math and work out the reality of what that means.

Persil - Door to door Product sampling Experiential Marketing, marketing campaign , promotion, active campaign
Highways Agency Case Study, door to door distribution , marketing campaign, promotion

Costs vary to suit housing density; an average accurate cost indication is circa £80 to £140 per thousand leaflets depending on housing density. This varies to suit the actual time it takes to properly cover a thousand houses in your range of coverage areas. 

  • 1,000 houses in a high density, inner city housing area= 15-20 secs per house
  • 1,000 houses in a medium density, suburban housing area = 25-40 secs per house
  • 1,000 houses in a low density, semi-rural housing area = 60-90 secs per house

Plus time spent loading, crossing roads, taking rest breaks, etc.

If you ignore these critical cost consideration when selecting your door to door service provider, you cannot expect to achieve a reliable distribution service.

The costs you receive from Link Communication always include:

  • Creation of customised door drop coverage mapping
  • Staff selection for team leaders and reliable distributors
  • Logistics for national delivery of print to localised teams
  • Use of delivery vans, fuel and leaflet delivery trolley carts
  • Distribution teams scheduled to the time it takes to do a proper job
  • Live management teams to supervise and track their coverage
  • Management teams to report back live updates and photos
  • Creation of campaign reporting to document coverage achieved.
Brand ambassadors going door to door, marketing campaign, active campaign, promotion


You can either provide you own print for distribution or Link Communication can provide you with a highly effective design and print production service to alongside your distribution.

Leaflet Design Service

An average A5, two sided leaflet can be produced in a couple of hours by our designers. They will amplify your key messaging, bring clarity to the detail and make it look visually appealing. You just need to provide the outline content and high res logos and we can help do the rest.

If required, we can also provide translation service to cover multiple languages too.

Print Production

Our mass scale print-farming ability normally means we can provide print material at significantly lower cost to you, than you are able to source it for yourself, saving you money.

As standard, we recommend using eco-friendly recycled art card for the print stock. This looks and feels high quality, while still being ecologically sound.

Other formats for print sizing of leaflets, booklets or all options are also available.


Get in touch with our door to door campaign planning team to receive a customised quote to suit your audience reach objectives.

Call: 0113 278 7808

Email: info@linkcommunication.co.uk


British Telecom BT Phonebook Distribution  – National Solus Door to Door Print Book Distribution

  • Long term national contract for the targeted door to door delivery of phonebooks across the UK.
  • Heavy weight logistics: cargo collections from ports, haulage, warehousing, delivery teams, mapping, tracking.
  • Seven day week operation of large teams of distributors, team leaders, mapping, reporting and analysis.
  • Continual delivery of millions of books, successfully passing daily assessments from BT’s independent auditors.
Door to door safe sampling product demonstration Highways Agency Case Study, Covid Safe, marketing campaign, active campaign, promotion

Oxfordshire NHS Case Study – Regional Door to Door Leaflet Distribution

  • County wide initiative to communicate changes to the NHS services, to every single household in Oxfordshire.
  • Heavy weight logistics to transport, store and continually replenish teams distributing 36 page A5 booklets.
  • Wide mix of property types across high density terraces, medium density estates and remote rural areas.
  • Successful delivery of 325,000 booklets into all properties with an OX postcode, on time and budget.
Door to door safe sampling product demonstration Highways Agency Case Study

Highways Agency Case Study – Integrated Door to Door and Hand to Hand Leaflet Distribution

  • Integrated strategy to reach motorists and householders in advance of M1 and M25 motorway closure works.
  • Door to door coverage to all properties in affected areas, covering a mix of cities, towns and remote properties over bridges or down farm tracks.
  • Hand to hand promotional leafleting conducted at motorway service stations, ferry ports and key towns.
  • 150 members of leafleting staff successfully deployed reaching 500,000 motorists with vital travel updates.
Hand to Hand Leaflet Distribution with Tesco, marketing campaign, promotion

Tesco Case Study – Nationwide Retailer Solus Individual Door to Door Leaflet Distribution

  • Seasonal promotion of white goods sales event across 80 Tesco Extra stores across the UK.
  • Residential suburban housing estates within a three mile radius mapped out for each store.
  • All activity executed simultaneously across the UK on the same week, in advance of the sales event.
  • 12,000 leaflets per store delivered (960,000 in total) generating record sales results for Tesco.
Door to door Product sampling Experiential Marketing, marketing campaign , promotion, active campaign

Leeds City Council Case Study – Regional Door to Door Leaflet Distribution to Postcode Prefix

  • Postcode specific delivery of householder recycling information to all properties with an LS postcode prefix.
  • Activity conducted using an 18 person delivery team, split into five work groups, coordinated by team leaders.
  • Each day mapped out in detail for each work group, supervised by onsite managers and GPS team tracking.
  • 325,000 booklets delivered on time, with extensive checks carried out by client without any discrepancies.

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