Explore how you can use experiential marketing to enable your audiences to ‘SEE, TRY & BUY’ your products:

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What Does Experiential Mean For Me and My Brand?

The common principals of experiential marketing include engaging consumers using ‘sensory experiences’. Touch, taste, sight, sound, scent are the five that inform our physical world, with emotive engagement crowning them all. Effective experiential marketing creates opportunities for bringing your brand to life to engage your audiences.

As you browse through the services shown on our website, consider which production elements, locations and activities can be used as a jigsaw to build a unique experiential vision for your brand.

Product sampling in Asda Supermarkets for Juice Campaign, shopper marketing agency, retail marketing agency, marketing campaign

Experiential Marketing and Sampling at Supermarkets

What could possibly be better than providing shoppers with a sample of your product just as they are about to enter their chosen point of purchase? This is the impact we can deliver through our experiential marketing mobile tours at supermarkets like Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. Each campaign is specifically designed to grab attention, create engagement, move consumers to that all important trial stage and then on to purchase. The huge scale, measurable sales growth that your brand can achieve from experiential sampling at supermarkets makes it the number one tactic for many FMCG brands.

See our Gold Award winning experiential case study for ‘The most effective retail sales experience’ at Tesco Supermarkets

Experiential Marketing, shopper marketing agency, convenience retail Sampling, retail marketing agency, marketing campaign

Experiential Marketing and Sampling at Convenience Retail Stores

Being an agency with over twenty years’ hands on expertise we are awash with effective experiential marketing ideas that engage hard to reach target audiences. We deliver high visibility activity at store locations, train stations, offices, high streets or universities to ensure our clients products are front of mind and literally on the lips of potential customers, as they make their purchase. Our brand ambassadors, street performers and promotional vehicles ensure that our clients’ products are noticed, remembered and purchased.

Read about Kellogg’s product launch and other effective experiential campaigns at convenience retailers

Experiential Marketing and Product Sampling at Trade Shows with Norseland Cheese Brands, shopper marketing agency, convenience retail Sampling, retail marketing agency, marketing campaign

Experiential Marketing & Sampling at Trade Shows

Trade shows provide the perfect opportunity to promote brands, attain new listings , capture contact data,  whilst meeting and greeting existing and potential customers. Helping clients create and maintain those all important commercial relationships is at the fore front of our thinking when advising them on best practise for creating successful trade events. Our knowledge and event management capabilities ensure that every detail is carefully planned for and professionally fulfilled, leaving our clients to focus on their wider priorities.

Check out some of our successful examples of B2B experiential marketing at trade events here

Experiential Marketing with Dettol at Good Home Show - Product Sampling, shopper marketing agency, convenience retail Sampling, retail marketing agency, marketing campaign

Experiential Marketing and Sampling at Consumer Events

Whether it is a music festival, food show or sporting event, engaging consumers whilst they are participating in actives that are pleasurable and exciting is always high on our agenda. We encourage clients to show that they share the interest and passion of their target audience whilst demonstrating how their products fit into their lifestyle. We plan, create, build and staff brand events that stand out, cut through and provide meaningful interactions.

See how Dettol sold £50k of products at the Ideal Home Show using experiential product demonstrations

Experiential Marketing Product Demonstration Karcher Product Case Study, Product Sampling, shopper marketing agency, convenience retail Sampling, retail marketing agency, marketing campaign

Experiential Product Demonstrations

Helping potential customers understand your product and how to use it are essential tactics to growing sales. Product demonstrations are a superb way of not only showing off products but explaining how they fit into peoples’ lives and the benefits each product delivers. Having professionally trained brand ambassadors who are adept at approaching the public, presenting your products and confidently encouraging purchase of your branded range, is a critical skillset that will define whether shoppers will stop, listen and purchase – or just walk straight past.

See how Karcher leveraged product demonstration teams in 150 B&Qs to achieve a six fold sales yield on their own in house demonstrators.


Why Is Experiential Marketing So Important?

Of all the tools at the disposal of brand marketing teams today, experiential marketing has to be top of the list for delivering a positive return on investment and encouraging brand loyalty. You see experiential marketing has numerous benefits that other marketing activities simply cannot match. As an experiential marketing agency we have seen time and time again how real interactions through event marketing can positively impact target audiences’ behaviour.

We know that is a very bold claim but ask yourself this: when was the last time you could taste that social media post, smell that TV commercial or touch the product in a newspaper advert? In fact, when has any other form of marketing communications provided consumers with anything other than a promise of what a product or service might be like once they have bought it? You see, experiential marketing does the one thing that all other activities fail to deliver, it puts products in the hands of consumers and empowers them to decide for themselves. It provides people with a rich immersive experience and an opportunity to try before they buy.

Working with brands, consumers and retailers on a daily basis has provided us with unique insights into what shapes shopping and purchasing habits across different store formats and product categories. These insights have enabled us to develop a highly effective yet flexible approach to generating sales uplift that quickly accelerates a typical consumer journey to purchase. 

Over twenty years’ of hands-on experience, industry knowledge and award winning expertise fuels our ability to make a critical impact in the places where consumers ultimately decide whether brands fail, survive or thrive. Our person to person engagement approach ensures we can create emotional and rational connections quickly and relate to consumers on a human level. By doing so we are ideally placed to inspire them to try something different, change their purchasing repertoires and adopt new products into their lives.

Experiential Marketing Campaign Case Studies

SMUG Morrisons Sampling & Sales Tour

Mogu Mogu at Morrisons

The Yorkshire Creamery Sampling & Sales at Morrisons

Noodle Head at Morisons

Meatless Farm’s Morrisons Sampling & Sales Tour


Quorn Professionals Chef Demo 2021

Fulfil Van and Exhibition Event at Lunch! 2022


Find out how we can help craft and implement an experiential campaign that engages your consumers in a positive, memorable way to create retail sales to your stockists.

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