Bring your brand to life at Trade Shows with exhibition stand design, production, graphics, catering, installation & live event support.

Creating an attractive display of your brand and product samples to present them from a high-impact, memorable exhibition stand at trade shows is perhaps the most critical location to ensure you get exactly right, in order to impress the highly astute, commercial trade show VIP customers.

Crackd Trade Show Exhibition Stand Visual

Exhibition Stand Design

Using your brand assets and guidelines, your brand can be visualised with bespoke exhibition stand designs to communicate your brand messaging and allow your customers to fully experience the essence of your brand.

Using our in house exhibition stand designers, your brand can be brought to life with a 3D visualisation enabling you and your colleagues to clearly see every inch of detail, to understand the impact that you can have at your next trade show.

Quorn Professionals Trade Show Exhibition Stand

Exhibition Stand Build

It’s more than just pretty expo stand designs: Your brand’s new exhibition stand will be cleverly built, designed to be re-usable across multiple events. You can use our team of expert site riggers and stand builders to ensure that your brand stands out for all the right reasons, above and beyond your competition at your next trade events!

Affordable Exhibition Stand Bundles

Moet Trade Show Exhibition Stand Mockup
Dom Perignon Trade Show Exhibition Stand Mockup
Cristal Trade Show Exhibition Stand Mockup


From £3,000 + Site Fees


  • Graphics for a 3x2m  stand
  • Portable Catering Cart
  • Full cart graphics
  • Colour coded flooring
  • Battery spotlights

Don Perignon

From £5,000 + Site Fees


  • Graphics for up to a 5x2m stand
  • Product Display Shelving
  • Informal Meeting Furniture
  • Portable Catering Cart
  • Full graphics
  • Colour coded flooring
  • Battery spotlights


From £9,000 + Site Fees


  • Graphics for a 5x5m  stand
  • Mounted 50″ HD TV
  • Rigid Front Wall & Roof Structure
  • Back Wall Catering Counters
  • Product Display Shelving
    Front of House Catering Cart
  • Full Colour Coding & Graphics
    Coloured Flooring
  • Battery spotlights
Trade Show & Exhibition: Quorn doing chef demonstrations with staff

Sampling & Catering at Trade Shows

Product sampling at trade shows can involve complex catering. We provide trained chefs, live cookery demonstrations, chilled storage, food logistics, catering consumables, sampling staff and everything needed for each exhibition.

Depending on your products, we will guide you on exhibition stand specification. We can help you to select catering equipment, food accompaniments, serving methods, sample presentation and staff uniforms options to optimise your impact.

Experiential Marketing product demonstration exhibition stand design, build and production with Tayto, shopper marketing, shopper agency, experiential sampling, retail marketing agency, active campaign

Catering Hygiene At Trade Shows

Smart uniforms, clear signage, calls to action, allergy information and hygienic serving methods are absolute essentials for creating a professional first impression. (It is shocking how many less experienced food and drink professionals properly plan for this at trade shows, as it falls outside of their own area of expertise).

Partnering with us guarantees that all of these product sampling considerations are carefully planned out, factored in and incorporated into your exhibition stand for your trade show sampling strategy.

Stoli Vodka Consumer Event Trade Show Sampling

Promotional Support & Certificated Catering Staff

Aside from your exhibition show event area and product sample display, having an enthusiastic team of well-briefed promotional sampling staff and certificated catering professionals are your most important asset for an effective trade show.

Unlike most corporate professionals who ‘have to attend’ the trade show, promotional teams won’t be thinking about their emails piling up or tasks not being done while they’re at the show! They are at the show with the sole focus of promoting your brand, communicating your messaging, presenting your tasters and engaging your customers.

Princes Barcode Consumer Event Trade Show Sampling

People Power

Promotional sampling staff at exhibitions shows and trade shows are very affordable. Their hourly rates are a tiny fraction of the cost of the event space at the trade show, yet it is people power that you need, to make your stand work effectively.

Don’t leave this essential element to non-specialist head office staff who often cost more in wages, hotels and travel. It is lower cost and more effective to use a LINK team of locally based promotional professionals who we can handpick, mobilise and brief, ready to support you at your next exhibition show.


Key Activities at Trade Shows/Exhibitions:

  • Present Your Produce

  • Create Brand Impact

  • Capture Sales Leads

  • Acquire New Listings

Quorn plant based food expo consumer events trade show sampling

Experiential Exhibition Stands at Trade Shows

Experiential exhibition stand areas for product sampling at trade shows should enable your trade customers to both understand and experience your brand’s key messaging and ethos, before anyone has even said hello.

To create clear stand-out impact for your brand amongst all of the other brands shouting for attention at every trade show, your display needs to be both visually memorable and physically engaging.

Experiential Marketing with - Product Sampling, marketing campaign, active campaign, promotion, shopper marketing

Sensory Sampling & Fun Brand Engagement

It’s scientifically proven that the more sensory clues you can trigger (through sight, taste, touch, sound and scent) the higher the recall is and the deeper engrained the memory becomes.

At trade shows with lots of brands on show, it takes more than a pop-up banner and a plastic table counter to create a meaningful stand-out.

Fulfil Experiential game, Consumer Event Trade Show Sampling

Theatrical Displays & Ice Breaker Expo Games

Whatever your budget, there are effective options available, that we can guide you on. Some outline ideas might include:

  •  A branded challenge or game using your products, to act as an icebreaker
  •  A live demonstration or spectacle that’s interesting to watch
  •  A bountiful display of tasty produce that makes you salivate
  •  Clear visual messaging to show your USPs and call to actions
  •  A range of theatrical props and display items to help set the scene
  •  A simple and quick data capture method for long-term lead nurturing
Exhibition Shows & Trade Shows: Quorn at LACA

Why Use Trade Show Promotion Staff?

You can utilise our teams of professional promotional staff to learn your brand information and enthusiastically recite your key messaging a thousand times each day.

These experienced event staff are accustomed to being on their feet all day, every day – and keep a genuine smile on their face because they love their work and are super keen to promote your brand.

Trade Show & Exhibition Show: Lee Kum Kee at BBC Good Food Show

Many Hands Makes Light Work!

If you think you and your intimate head office team are the only people qualified to be on your exhibition stand, you need to consider whose job is it to:

  • Load up, set up and then pack up the event area displays
  • Set up the catering and prepare the product samples
  • Pull in passing customers from people walking past
  • Be focussed on data capture for lead nurturing
  • Manage the interactive areas or demos on your exhibition stand

Point of Sale Signage at Exhibitions

Trade Shows & Exhibition Stand Samplings - Lee Kum Kee at the BBC Good Food Show 2021 - Seperate food storage boxes

After well-publicised tragedies such as Pret A Manger’s lack of consistent allergy labelling – one might hope that fatalities caused from poor attention to detail would diminish, but despite your best intentions – it is up to you to ensure you enlist expert support to ensure your brand is not responsible for something equally horrific.

Clear allergy signage, separate chopping boards, food storage boxes, gloves, serving tongs, individual portion methods are all essential items to ensure that your brand is sampled correctly.

Don’t forget you need to show customers what to buy too! A giant pile of sample pieces might look like an unappealing random pile of shapes, unless you have your packaged products and POS display set up alongside it.

Data Capture & Trade Sales at Trade Shows

Trade Shows & Exhibition Stands - Quorn at Plant-Based World Expo - Brand Experience

Any low skilled person can hand out your products for free, but the higher level skill that we bring to your trade show sampling activity will be generating a measurable return for the products which are handed out.

Brasso Experiential trade show consumer event sampling

At trade shows, attaining data capture and signing sales deals are the gold standard benchmark. For many less experienced in these fast paced environments, it’s all too easy to blow your budget and come away with virtually nothing to show for it apart from the well-meaning but less tangible ‘yeah, we had great feedback from the show’.

Trade Show & Exhibition Show - Fulfil at Lunch

Bottom-line sales growth needs new data sets of interested trade contacts who have engaged with your exhibition show event team, understood your product proposition, tried your samples and showed real interest in your offering.

It is essential that all of these quick conversations are captured using effective data capture methods.

Data capture with First Buses at consumer events

Extra iPads, business cards, clip boards, barcode zappers are all tools of the exhibition show; and work best when event goers receive a high value reward for exchanging their data with you, over and above the sample that is on offer to everyone else too.

Explore our complimentary services & other case studies.

We will help you to organise the team briefing, select the personnel from profiles that are relevant for your brand and co-ordinate all aspects to ensure your trade show sampling & exhibition show sampling is the best at the show.


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Quorn Professionals Chef Demo 2021

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Quorn at the Plant Based World Expo 2022

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