Use additional exhibition support staff from LINK to help bring your trade show event stand to life. Select support staff to suit your stand: promo staff to hand out samples, data capture staff to obtain contact data, catering chefs for complex cooking or exhibition event riggers to build then dismantle your stand for you.

Exhibition Shows & Trade Shows: Quorn at LACA

Why Use Extra Exhibition Staff?

Expo event staff are the power behind your event stand that enable your brand to engage thousands of event goers. You can utilise LINK’s locally based teams of professional exhibition staff to learn your brand information and enthusiastically recite your key messaging a thousand times each day.

These experienced event staff are accustomed to being on their feet all day, every day. Unlike asking Marjorie from the accounts office to help you on your expo stand, they don’t need hotels, don’t need to be asked to be super pro-active and won’t grumble about being on their feet all day!

Trade Show & Exhibition Show: Lee Kum Kee at BBC Good Food Show

Many Hands Makes Light Work!

If you think you and your intimate head office team are the only people qualified to be on your exhibition stand, you need to consider whose job is it to:

  • Load up, set up and then pack up the event area displays
  • Set up the catering and prepare the product samples
  • Pull in passing customers from people walking past
  • Be focussed on data capture for lead nurturing
  • Manage the interactive areas or demos on your exhibition stand
Trade Shows & Exhibition Stands - Quorn at Plant-Based World Expo - Brand Experience

Data Capture & Trade Sales at Trade Shows

Anyone can hand out products for free, but the higher level skill that we bring to your trade show sampling activity will be generating a measurable return for the products which are handed out. Bottom-line sales growth needs new data sets of interested trade contacts who have engaged with your exhibition show event team, understood your product proposition, tried your samples and showed real interest in your offering.

It is essential that all of these quick conversations are captured using effective data capture methods – with expo staff who are free to focus on capturing the contact data of the VIPs at each expo.

Brasso Experiential trade show consumer event sampling

Data Capture Tools & Branded Merch

For many less experienced in these fast paced environments, it’s all too easy to blow your budget and come away with virtually nothing to show for it apart from the well-meaning but less tangible ‘yeah, we had great feedback from the show’.

Extra iPads, business cards, clip boards, barcode zappers are all tools of the exhibition show you can hire from LINK. These tools work best when event goers receive a high value reward for exchanging their data with you. Promo merch such as a free branded goody bag is ideal for handing out as a reward, with the added benefit of acting as a portable advert for your brand too.

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