County shows are a historical staple of British culture and a fantastic event for the samples and direct sales of countless food and drink products. County show sampling can get your product in front of hundreds of thousands of hungry ABC1 visitors looking for exciting experiences.

Yorkshire Tea's tea van Chelsea Flower show product sampling

Boost Your Brand at County Shows

County show sampling is ideal for brands to showcase products like local food, artisanal crafts, and anything that makes for a good day out to a diverse audience of hundreds of thousands. These events attract families and ABC1 demographics seeking unique experiences, making them perfect for boosting visibility and sales in a culturally vibrant setting.

Yorkshire Tea Flower Show product sampling

Equipment for Effective County Show Sampling

At county shows, brands can use versatile equipment like gazebos, promotional vehicles, and shacks to enhance their product sampling. These spaces can be customized to accommodate product displays, catering, dedicated sales areas, and interactive games, creating engaging experiences that attract and captivate attendees during county show sampling campaigns.

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