There are over 700 shopping malls across the UK. You can utilize sampling and demonstrations to engage shoppers and convert purchases for your brand both in front of and inside the country’s busiest malls..

Retail Sampling Outside Shopping Malls

Many of the busiest malls allow for event areas to be set up outside the mall entrances, where you can use retail sampling of your product to target potential customers. The sampling team can be positioned at mall entrances to engage all shoppers upon their arrival as well as passers-by. LINK will help design, build, and staff mobile sampling campaigns at shopping mall locations to engage all consumers walking in and out of each targeted mall.

Benefits of Sampling Campaigns in Shopping Malls

Shopping malls attract a constant and diverse flow of consumers, providing an excellent opportunity to reach a broad audience already in purchase mode visiting the mall.

With large spaces for displays and thousands of daily visitors of a wide demographic already in purchase mode, A well-planned and executed campaign in a shopping mall can significantly boost sales.

Epsons Pop Up Cinema Event Shack on it's mall tour

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