Cash & Carry Wholesale Depots provide the opportunity for your brand to engage directly with trade buyers. You can win new listings and expand your range across independent retail, food service and hospitality. This commercially minded audience enjoy samples, fun game play and a strong sales incentive. Read on to plan your Cash & Carry campaign that will work for you.

Schwartz Trade Industry Cash & Carry Wholesaler Sampling

Cash & Carry – Trade Wholesalers

You can host your event days at Cash & Carry Wholesalers that focus on trade buyers. National depots for Bestway, Booker, Dhametcha, Batleys, Parfetts, JJs and Fresh Produce Wholesale Markets are all very welcoming and supporting of buyer engagement event days.

By locating your activity at the entrance, you can ensure that buyers across independent retail, food service and hospitality industries will all get to see, try and then buy your products; for their venues. This is more than a one time purchase too. Once their customers start buying it, these trade buyers then become long term, loyal stockists of your brand.

Perfectly Clear sampling & sales activation at Costco Cash & Carry Wholesaler Depots

Consumer Wholesalers

Consumer Cash & Carry Wholesalers such as Costco and Makro are excellent venues for getting your products into the hands of consumer who make regular bulk purchases. As membership retailers, these wholesalers have a loyal returning customer base who prioritise getting good value for their money and are likely to switch brands if presented with a good deal.

With large volume pack sizes, it’s easy to achieve huge sales numbers. Customers in these locations often buy multiple cases each; so each day ends up selling thousands of units, per depot, per day.


Are you looking to grow sales at Cash & Carry Wholesalers?


To discuss a bespoke campaign plan to suit your brand and budget, make contact with the expert team at LINK. The experienced campaign planners will guide you through the options for displays, catering and sales activation.

You’ll then receive a fully itemised costed proposal, scalable in size to suit your budget. The costs will typically include everything needed except the sampling stock. All aspects of design, production, store liaison, event staffing, logistics, catering consumables, print and expert reporting will be included to the usual LINK high standard.

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