Product sampling at Asda Supercentres enables huge scale audience reach, creating immediate and sustained retail sales uplifts.

Did you know you can activate your sales at all types of Asda?

Increasing your products’ rate of sale at Asda Supercentres & Asda Supermarkets has never been easier. With hundreds of stores to choose from the options for targeting are limitless.

KOHINOOR ASDA Food Truck Sampling

Car Park Sampling

With so many brands available in these large format stores, experiential product sampling at Asda (also known as Asda car park sampling), will deliver huge scale brand exposure and sales uplifts for your brand. By positioning the event area in front of each Asda, you reach buyers in active buying mode, before they start their shopper journey.

Mexicana Supermarket Product Sampling Experiential Marketing Asda Leeds

ASDA Supercentres

The best way to maximise the level of brand engagement, audience reach and retail sales uplift that your brand can achieve is by setting up a brand experience sampling area in front the entrance area of the largest Asda supermarkets. 

Princes - Tesco Asda Supermarket Sampling Car Parks (12)

Store Event Areas

Asda allows full creative control to create and tour an attractively styled supermarket sampling event area in front of their largest format stores. LINK will help you to select the largest stores, in the most relevant areas, which house the widest range of your stock to undertake your supermarket sampling roadshow.

Retail Listing Service: Tesco, Asda Supermarket Product Sampling with Princes

Use a range of promotional tactics to encourage both immediate and long term Asda sales whilst rewarding new or existing customers.


See what you can do at other supermarkets

ASDA Sampling Campaign Case Studies


Pilgrim’s Eco-Friendly Sampling Tour

Oral B



Old Jamaica Supermarket Sampling


Are you looking to grow sales at ASDA?


To discuss a bespoke campaign plan to suit your brand and budget, make contact with the expert team at LINK. The experienced campaign planners will guide you through the options for displays, catering and sales activation.

You’ll then receive a fully itemised costed proposal, scalable in size to suit your budget. The costs will typically include everything needed except the sampling stock. All aspects of design, production, store liaison, event staffing, logistics, catering consumables, print and expert reporting will be included to the usual LINK high standard.

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    Campaign mission

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    Activity Location Options

    Which types of locations are of most potential interest

    Key Retailers: Major Supermarkets / Convenience Retailers / Discount Retailers
    High Footfall Locations: Eg: High streets / Train Stations / Suburban High Streets
    Targeted Consumer Events: Eg: Food Festivals / Athletic Events / Niche Events
    Exhibitions & Trade Shows: Eg: Lunch! / National Convenience Show / Grocery Aid
    Somewhere else? Eg: Head Offices / National Landmarks / Media Houses / etc

    Key Stockists

    Please list the most important stockists to drive sales uplifts to

    Supermarkets: Asda / Morrisons / Tesco / Sainsburys / Tesco / Waitrose / other
    Convenience & Discount Retailers: Co-op / Iceland / Discount Retailers / Independent



    Fan Oven
    Warming Cupboard
    Commercial Microwave
    Commercial Air Fryer
    Convection Oven
    Pizza Oven
    Deep Fat Fryer
    Bain Marie
    Water Boiler


    Which types of job roles do you expect will be required from LINK?

    Promotional Staff – roaming sampling, consumer interaction
    Catering Chef – takes the lead on food preparation and efficient catering
    Catering Support – sample prep support cleaning, stock replenishment runs, etc
    Social Media Staff – encourages participation and sharing on social media
    Game Play Staff – organising interactions and rewarding participation



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